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Other IEA Bioenergy Tasks of Interest


Australia currently participates directly in five IEA Bioenergy Tasks - Task 37, Task 38, Task 39, Task 42 and Task 43.

In addition to these Tasks there are five other ongoing IEA Bioenergy Tasks.  While Australia does not participate directly in these tasks, they often present information and resources of interest and relevance to those working in the bioenergy field in Australia.

Other tasks which are complete, but still provide useful information, are also presented here.

Use this page to find information and resources on the following Tasks:

Task 32: Biomass Combustion and Co-firing

***NEW ***

  • Expert workshop on High Temperature Corrosion in Biomass Combustion – held at the World Bioenergy Conference, 4 June 2014. The presentations from the workshop are available here.


  • Torrefaction workshop at the Central European Biomass Conference (Friday 17 Jan 2014, Task 32, Task 40 and the EU SECTOR project) - Presentations and a summary from the torrefaction workshop are available here.


Task 33: Thermal Gasification of Biomass

*** NEW *** - IEA Factsheets on Biomass Gasification


Task 34: Pyrolysis of Biomass


Task 36: Integrating Energy Recovery into Solid Waste Management

more soon!


Task 40:  Sustainable International Bioenergy Trade: Securing Supply and Demand


Task 41:  SRATEGIC PROJECTS - Project 3 – Joint project with the Advanced Motor Fuels Implementing Agreement (Task is complete)

  • **NEW REPORT** - IEA AMF project Enhanced Emission Performance and Fuel Efficiency for Heavy Duty Methane Fuelled Engines (Summary 1MB) and Full Report 4MB)