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Mission and Activities


By 2020 biomass will be recognised and widely adopted as a sustainable resource in Australia for producing energy, transportation fuels, chemicals and other value added products.


Bioenergy Australia, as the lead forum in Australia for biomass, bioenergy and related bio-products, will promote an awareness and understanding of biomass as a sustainable resource across the supply and value chains.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018 (latest version June 2015)


As a Membership based organisation our core activities are to support our Members and to facilitate opportunities for them to learn and share.  In addition, our participation in international IEA Bioenergy activities enables us to share widely across the bioenergy sector as a whole to ensure maximum exposure of internation bioenergy activities.

Business Breakfasts - we hold regular Business Breakfasts - see our News and Events webpage for more details of past and forthcoming events.

Webinars - we hold regular Webinars (with a focus on sharing our knowledge from the participation in IEA Bioenergy Tasks). For past and forthcoming webinars, see the News and Events webpage.  For details on Australia's participation in IEA Bioenergy Tasks and the Team Leaders for each Task in which Australia participates - see the IEA Bioenergy webpages.

Periodic Meetings - We hold regular day long meetings through which we showcase national developments and also give an opportunity to our National Team Leaders to make presentations about key information from the Task which is of relevance to Australia.  Past presentations are available on the Bioenergy Australia website.

Annual Conference - Our biggest activity is our Annual Conference. Details of the current and past Annual Conferences can be found on the News and Events webpage.

Biomass Producer Website - Bioenergy Australia maintains the content on the Biomass Producer website adding details of experts, projects and Case Studies.  More at