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Joining Us


Bioenergy Australia is set up as a not-for-profit, Company Limited by Guarantee. 

To join our information and networking forum requires would-be members to apply for membership using the Membership Application Form (from July 2017), agreeing to adhere to our Constitution

Membership is open to organisations and individuals where there is no other path to membership. 

Bioenergy Australia is incorporated as a not-for-profit company, with a five person board of management.  We operate as an information and networking forum, embracing membership from the government, private and research sectors. 

Application for membership MUST be made using the Membership Application Form (current as of July 2017). 


Membership Types

Membership is generally via an organisation, but individuals can also join where there is no other path to membership (as set out in our Constitution). 

The main membership types are as follows:

  • Foundation A Membership - Foundation A members are organisations wishing to provide substantial support, making a major contribution to the underpinning finances of BA.
  • Foundation B membership  - Foundation B Membership applies to multi division, geographically dispersed organisations operation in several fields related to bioenergy.
  • Major Member - Company Turnover exceeds $5,000,000 pa
  • Standard Member - Company Turnover does not exceed $5,000,000 pa
  • Associate Member - Applicable when there is no other path to membership.


2017/8 Membership Renewal Letter

BA Membership









Bioenergy Australia Activities and Membership Benefits 

A two page profile of Bioenergy Australia (Oct 2016) summarises Bioenergy Australia activities and the benefits of membership.



Interested in learning more about bioenergy?  See our News and Events pages for details on workshops, webinars, conferences and training opportunities.  



Bioenergy Australia is happy to provide evidence that you attended a training or webinar/presentation event.  Contact the BA Comms Officer if you have attended one the Bioenergy Australia events and wish to be provided with a  Certificate of Attendance. 

The Certificate can be used both as a record of Continuing Professional Development and to reinforce to your customers that you are active in the sector and knowledgeable on specific aspects of bioenergy technology and operations. More questions?  Contact