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IEA Bioenergy Task 37 - 'Energy from Biogas'

TASK 37 National Team Leader:Bernadette McCabe

Bernadette McCabe is Associate Professor and Vice Chancellors Senior Research Fellow at the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA), University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

A/Prof McCabe is the Australian National Team Leader for IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Energy from Biogas. She leads the Energy Conservation Management research theme at the NCEA.

Contact Email:

For more details on Bernadette McCabe see the University of Southern Queensland website.



ARENA Funding secured in June 2014 meant that in addition to securing Australia's ongoing participation in IEA Bioenenergy Tasks 38, 39, 42 and 43, Australia is now able to participate in Task 37 - 'Energy from Biogas'  - for the first time.


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National Team Leader Report - IEA Bioenergy Meeting 12-15 Sept, Esbjerg, Denmark - Read the Meeting Report-back on key issues of note for Australia.


### World Biogas Association (WBA) - AD Markert Report Australia - (Contributions from Steve Schuck and Bernadette McCabe) - available here




 ### Biogas Webinar 19th July 2017 - Jerry Murphy, Richard O'Shea and Bernadette McCabe - see BA Events Calendar.

### Australia Country Report - Biogas, Jan 2017 ### (as part of IEA Bioenergy Task 37 - Energy from Biogas)

###Vljimen Report - Bernadette McCabe, April 2017


RECENT Biogas Articles:

TASK 37 members visit to Toowoomba post the BA Annual Conference:








  • WEBINARS - Task webinars held in 2016 are available here.

  • TASK MEETINGS - Task meeting information/report backs from 2016 meetings are available here.

  • CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS - many of the biogas related presentations from the 2016 BA Annual Conference are available for free on the Conference website.


A/Prof Bernadette McCabe on INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SCIENTIFIC  COMMITTEE - GERMANY 2017- A/Prof Bernadette McCabe was a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Fourth International Conference Progress in Biogas  (Germany March 8,9 and 10th 2017).  More details.  



Survey reponses are still being accepted (as per the text below).  Thank you for your contributions to this report.

- Survey - The purpose of this survey is to capture information regarding the number of operational biogas plants in Australia. The information will be compiled, shared and regularly updated.  The information will form part of the IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Country report which is an annual update and is valid for information collected during the year of publication (see

In order to provide an accurate picture of biogas activity in Australia this short survey requests information on type of feedstock used, biogas production data, how the biogas is utilised and digestate handling. To take the survey please click on this link -  (note - you may need to copy and paste the url into your browser if you have problems).


TASK 37 Resources/Reports:



Task 37 Participation Group:

The Task 37 Participation Group held an inaugural meeting at the BA Annual Conference in Adelaide 1 - 2 December 2014.   More details coming soon including Group Members, Workplan and next webinar details!

If you are interested in being part of this Group, contact


Task 37 Activities:

Current Areas of Focus for the Group:


TASK 37 Presentations and Webinars:




28 April 2016 - Bioenergy Australia welcomed Prof Jerry Murphy Leader of Task 37 to present on Ireland's experiences with biogas and their participation in Task 37.


30 July 2014 - Bioenergy Australia welcomes David Baxter, Task 37 Task Leader to give a Seminar/Webinar presentation on Task 37 activities. 


5 May 2015 - Presenters - Bernadette McCabe (NTL Task 37) and Steve Brewster (ADI Asia Pacific) - 'Biogas in Australia - Update; and important elements of biogas projects'. 




Brisbane 26th June 2015





TASK 37 Progress Meetings / Update Reports:

2014: October 15-17, 2014 Angers (France) (Australia attended this meeting as an invitee)

2015: March 25-27, 2015 Uppsala (Sweden)

2015: October 24-31 , 2015 Berlin (Germany)

2016: April 13-15 , 2016 Wallingford (England)


2016: Nov 16 -18 , 2016 Toowoomba (Australia)


Related Resources of Interest:


Progress in Biomethane Mobility, October 2015 -  The conference showed the latest developments from existing gas upgrading systems. Other solutions for upgrading small amounts of biogas were also addressed.



  • EBA publishes the Biogas Report 2014 – The European Biogas Association published the Biogas Report 2014 in December 2014. The report contains extensive data on biogas and biomethane industry in Europe (numbers of biogas plants, annual biogas and biomethane capacities in 2013, overview of future policies and opportunities across Europe).