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Case Studies

This page sets out useful reference Case Studies from both Australia and overseas.




    • Caltex -  Caltex is Australia’s leading supplier of biofuels blends to retail and commercial customers. As well as helping to deliver a range of biofuels to market , Caltex is helping to educate consumers on the biofuels and their benefits. Currently Caltex blend and distribute several variants of bioethanol and biodiesel.

    • Microbiogen -  Microbiogen is a research company focusing on millennia -old practices that may help address some of the biggest challenges of today. Through a highly technical and specialised breeding program, they’re improving the fermentation process to deliver better ethanol yields and help improve the viability of the biofuels industry.

    • Sucrogen -   Sucrogen is the largest raw sugar producer and refiner in Australia and the 8th largest producer globally. It is also Australia’s largest producer of renewable energy from biomass and the country’s third largest fuel-grade ethanol producer.


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Biomass Producer Website:


Australian Renewables (ARENA) Funded Bioenergy Projects:



    • American Biogas Council (ABC) - Biogas Project Profiles – These Project Profiles highlight some amazing biogas and anaerobic digestion facilities around the US.  They are used to educate policy-makers, potential customers and the public, to help increase understanding and familiarity with biogas systems. 

    • Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ) - Bioenergy Projects Directory - this database showcases projects in New Zealand and internationally (implemented by New Zealand based companies).

    • World Bank - Private Participation in Renewable Energy Database - (Renewables Database - Bioenergy)