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ADI Systems Asia Pacific

Name: ADI Systems Asia Pacific

Summary of activities


ADI Systems Asia Pacific are 19 personnel intent on waste treatment and waste-to-energy projects to treat waste, tolocal authority requirements, or to an environmentally acceptable standard. Where practical, energy extraction from such wastes is undertaken to produce biogas, for use as fuel, either to replace the use of fossil fuels, or such other uses as boiler fuel, or to be upgraded for use as CNG for transport, natural gas pipeline injection, or chemical feedstocks.   A number ofADI Asia Pacific staff have been in the business for over 20 years.

ADI have over 200 plants worldwide and some 6 in Australia with a 7th underway. While we are based in Dunedin, New Zealand, we also have an office in Sydney, Australia.   Phone: Australia: 1.800.751.806 (toll free),  NZ, +64.3.951.0240;  Email address:,   Web address:

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